Wafer Cake

Raspberry Ice Cream Wafer Cake with Blueberries and White Chocolate

Royal Dansk Wafers 24 pc, 12 of each flavor

6 inch spring-form tin
Baking sheet

Blueberries 7oz
White chocolate flakes, optional 1 cup

Raspberry ice cream
Raspberry, frozen 7oz
Sugar 1/3 cup
Vanilla pod 1 pc, seeds scraped out
Greek yogurt, plain ½ cup

Heavy cream 2 cups, lightly whipped
Royal Dansk Butter Cookies 8 pc

Mix raspberries, sugar, and vanilla seeds and bring to a boil. Let it cool down. Add yoghurt to the raspberry mix followed by the whipped cream.

Cut the baking sheet to fit the bottom of the spring-form tin. Brush the inner side with water before, to make the baking sheet stick.

Add half of the ice cream to the bottom and place the cookies evenly around on top. Add the rest of the ice cream to the spring-form tin and place the cake in a freezer. Let it sit overnight.

Divide the wafers into 3 inch pieces. Take the cake from the freezer, remove the spring-form tin and baking paper, and put the cake on a platter or plate for serving. After 5-10 minutes the ice cream the will be softer and you can easily decorate the cake with the wafers.

Serve with blueberries and optionally white chocolate flakes on top.
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