The Danish History
of Royal Dansk

It Took a Village



The deliciously Danish cookies first began coming out of the oven in the Danish village of Helsingoer in 1966. The bakery was known for its dedication to fine Danish baking traditions. To honor that, they named them Royal Dansk cookies. Dansk, which means Danish, makes the literal translation, Royal Danish cookies.

The Blue
Tin Cookies


The buttery and crispy elements of our Danish cookies are quintessential Royal Dansk. In order to maintain their freshness, the Danish cookies were packed in a distinctive blue tin showing the old Danish farmhouse named “Hjemstavnsgaard” from the island of Funen. The resealable and reusable tin has become an icon for Royal Dansk.


There are five distinct shapes of our Danish cookies that have stood the test of time, making Royal Dansk the choice for people all over the world. These five buttery and crisp cookies are considered the classic blue tin cookies. The assortment includes the Pretzel style, Vanilla Ring, Finnish Style, Country Style, and Coconut.



The Cookies

Just like we have done since 1966, our Royal Dansk cookies are made in Denmark. Our two factories in the Danish villages of Nørre Snede and Ribe bake more than 25,000 tons of cookies every year. We take pride in ensuring that every cookie meets our strict requirements for craftsmanship and consistency in taste, texture, and visual appearance.

Our Commitment Continues

We take a lot of pride in saying nothing has changed at Royal Dansk, except for the better. As high as our standards for our product have and always will be, so is our commitment to social responsibility. We understand what it means to have a light carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve implemented a thorough plan of social, environmental, and ethical initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment and develop even more sustainable solutions. Among many initiatives in place, we have increased the use of recyclable material in our packaging and switched to RSPO segregated palm oil at our plants in 2015.

For as long as we’ve been making our 100% recyclable blue tins, our loyal customers have been finding new, fun and functional ways to prolong the life of the tin at home. For that, we thank you for contributing to our sustainable history and future.

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